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ULTRAJET UJ40-1000 is a professional heavy-duty High Pressure Water Blaster with a high performance crank shaft, ceramic pistons and the simplest design – aimed to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCOO). It is suitable for a wide range of applications, and it is designed to reduce the complexity of maintenance without compromising the quality and durability for heavy duty usage under the toughest conditions.

Standard Equipment

  • 15m 4-core oil resistance electric cable with 4-pin plug
  • 20m wear resistance high pressure hose with steel fittings
  • High pressure 15Kpsi dump gun with 1200mm stainless-steel lance and nozzle
  • User manual book with part list

Machine Highlights

  • Made in Singapore with EU pump
  • Heavy duty structural frame
  • Triplex tungsten carbide plunger pump
  • Asynchronous three-phase 30 KW high-efficiency IP55 motor
  • Low water inlet pressure protection switch
  • Rupture disc system
  • Booster pump with pressure gauge
  • Stainless steel pressure gauge with glycerin
  • 50 microns water filter with replaceable cartridge
  • Weatherproof star-delta control panel with E stop and trip warning light

Optional Accessories

  • Extension hoses with connectors
  • Extension electric cable
  • Rotating nozzle
  • Drain and pipe cleaning nozzles
  • Spare part kits
  • High pressure protection clothing, helmet with face shield and earmuff
  • Hose protection

Read and comply with these original instructions prior to the initial operation of the machine. Before first start-up it is necessary to read the operating instructions and safety indications.

Machine Start Up

➔ Connect water supply hose to the water inlet of machine

➔ Connect the high-pressure hose with the trigger gun to the outlet fitting of the machine. (use only original hose supplied by ASEA Marine)

➔ Turn on the water supply (Ensure sufficient water supply with a minimum inlet pressure of 2bar and 20 l/min)

➔ Plug in main power supply and switched it on**

➔ Pressed the start button on the electrical panel box

➔ Pressed lever on the trigger handle, and you can begin operating with your machine.

**Note: When you switched on the mains and the red Led light on the starter panel box is on, it means the water supply pressure (min 1 bar and above) is weak, and you will not be able to turn on the machine for safety reason. Please try other water supply source with higher pressure.

**First oil change after 50 operating hours, further oil changes after every 500 operating hours. (recommended oil SAE 10/40W).

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