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Guns and lances

Hand held by the user, the high pressure gun allows the water flow to be interrupted instantly by releasing the trigger.
Reduced opening force of the trigger and ergonomic design are the main features that reduces user’s fatigue even in the event of very high pressure and high water flow.
Strict quality and construction standards guarantee the safety and the efficiency of the products offered by ASEA Marine.

*If you don’t see the parts you require below, please kindly contact us through email or call us for further discussion with our friendly technical sales team.

400mm Short lance-(500Bars 100L)

1000mm Lance 500bars 100L

Double Barrel Lance-(280Bar 40L)

Dry Shut Guns 15K to 40K PSI

Dump Gun 15K to 40K PSI

Single Barrel Lance-(280Bar-40L)

ML955 M22-(360Bar 40L)

ML955-(310Bar 40L)

ML956 INOX-(360Bar 40L)

ML320-(160Bar 25L)

MV925-(280Bar 30L)

RL26-(250Bar 30L)

RL30-(310Bar 40L)







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