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ASEA Marine supply high pressure water blasting safety gears (PPE), tumble boxes, foot valves, flow divider valves, wet sandblasting kit, cargo hold cleaning gun (Toby Gun) and more.

*If you don’t see the parts you require below, please kindly contact us through email or call us for further discussion with our friendly technical sales team.

Helmet with visor and ear muffs

Overall (500Bar)

Apron (500Bar)

Glove (500Bar)

Boots (800Bar)

Gamma kit (1000/2000/3000Bar)

Apron (1000/2000/3000Bar)

Gaiters (2000/3000Bar)

Wet sandblasting kit

Multi mode valve

Cargo hold cleaning gun (Toby gun)

Flow divider valves

Foot valve

Pipe cleaning nozzles


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