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Nozzles and cleaning heads

The quality and functionality of the entire system depend on a small component: The nozzle.
The high quality and heavy-duty nozzles offered by ASEA Marine guarantees a correct water supply and a precise correspondence between pressure and water flow rate in function of the size of the nozzle.

*If you don’t see the parts you require below, please kindly contact us through email or call us for further discussion with our friendly technical sales team.

20K PSI AP4 Nozzles

40K PSI UHP Sapphire Nozzle

High Pressure Straight and Fan Jet Nozzles

Low Pressure Nozzles

Rotating Nozzle 350Bars

Rotating Nozzle 400Bars

Rotating Nozzle 500Bars

Rotating Nozzle 700Bars

Rotating Nozzle 800Bars

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